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In the News: the Kennebunk Post  March 20, 2015
click the chickadee

for a peek at Nancy’s art illustrations that were a part of the Brick Store Museum’s exhibit

click the red paint brush

Maine Memories

Nancy Cooper Funk was one of 17 Maine Illustrators featured in an exhibit called “Visual Storytelling: Celebrating Maine Illustrators”

at the Brick Store Museum  117 Main St.  Kennebunk Maine running from March 20 through September 27, 2015.


ink & watercolors, acrylics, photographs

birds, critters, flora, shells, children, scenes, insects

Past Exhibits
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Something new for me in 2020 is that I discovered and love drawing with polychromos color pencils.

I love the delicate softness working with them provides.

Keep in touch.

Would love to hear from you.

NEW For Bird Lovers

“Josie’s Book of Birds”

click the book below to see this new special book

click the image below to see the bookmarks

Wishing you a good winter season.

A NEW addition to my website are my BOOKMARKS
Bookmarks are in the Gift GalleryBookmarks_Nancy_Cooper_Funk.htmlGift_Gallery.htmlshapeimage_43_link_0shapeimage_43_link_1
Snowy Owl  Sleeping Marsh H
Snowy Owl  Full Moon Roof V
Snowy Owl  Sleeping Full Moon Chimney V
new colored pencils
new colored pencils
new colored pencils

We were fortunate to see the magical Snowy Owls this winter and here are some of my new drawings.

The snowy owl prints are  available along with many others in the Gift Gallery in the Print Collection

The Snowy Owls are available in  Prints of Birds ... Hunting Birds

click here

New prints are now in the Gift Gallery in all the different categories.

the art of Nancy CooperFunk

Click the chickadee below
to see the samples 
of the ongoing collection of NEW colored pencil prints of Songbirds
They are also in the Gift Gallery in Prints of Birds >Songbirds with all the other songbirds.
New Songbird Prints
These are some of the NEW
songbird prints 
(colored pencils)
©Nancy Cooper Funk