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Gift Gallery  Maine Memories

Nancy Cooper Funk

PO Box 1866

Kennebunkport ME 04046

207 967-2568

e-mail address:

Contact me with any questions you may have and depending on your order I can notify you of the postage.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

thanks & best wishes

payment: checks or money order in US Dollars

made payable to:

Titmouse H

Cardinals H

Red Leaves H

Snow Folks H

Dock Sq Kpt V

Butterflies Bees V

Pansies V

Corgi Sailboat V

Barred Owl V

Snowy Owl Buoys V

Autumn Leaves V

Moose V

Kingfisher V

Hummingbird Cosmos V

Snowy Owl Pole V

Robin V

Apples V

Bluebird  V

Beach Roses  V

Dragonfly  V

Shells  V

Pipers Shells  V

Nubble Light H

Goat Is Light Pineapple Ketch H

Goose Rocks Beach Golden H

Goose Rocks Beach Cottages H

Dock Sq Kennebunkport V

Portland Head Sumac V

Portland Head Yarrow V

Cat on Beach V

Corgi Sailboat V

Cat Nap Shells V

Rabbit Vines V

Chipmunks Blueberries H

Bunnie Pansies  H

Cat  Mice  H

Moose V

Seal Nap V

the art of Nancy Cooper Funk

Bookmark Price: $2.50 US dollars

size: 2”x5”

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