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Gift Gallery ~ prints of birds ~ hunting birds: owls
Maine Memories the art of Nancy Cooper Funk
Barred Owl  Asleep H
Great Gray Owl H
Saw Whet Owl H
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Snowy Owl Flagpole V
Snowy Owl  Chimney V
Snowy Owl  Chimney H
Snowy Owl  Field H
Snowy Owl  Roof Gutter Biddeford Pool H
The Snowy Owls  ~ Winter in Maine
©Nancy Cooper Funk
Snowy Owl Buoys V
Snowy Owl  Roof Snow H
Snowy Owl  Turned Around H
Prints are available in 3 standard sizes:
size 5x7 mat: $18.    

size 8x10 mat: $30.    

size 11x14 mat: $45.    
To order you can e-mail, snail mail or phone.
Include the title, size and quantity that you would like.

All prints will have an additional charge of postage
 and 5.5% sales tax for Maine residents added to the final amount.

Contact me for the total and let me know if you may have any
other questions.

checks or money orders are accepted in US Dollars
made out to:
Nancy Cooper Funk
PO Box 1866   Kennebunkport  ME 04046   USA
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Barred Owl on Birdhouse V
Barred Owl  Tree H
Snowy Owl  Sleeping Marsh H
Snowy Owl  Full Moon Roof V
Snowy Owl  Sleeping Full Moon Chimney V
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