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Maine Memories the art of Nancy Cooper Funk
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Scraggly the Stowaway Cat & Scraggly’s New Home

Years ago I was asked to create the pen & ink drawings of Scraggly for
the books “Scraggly the Stowaway Cat” and “Scraggly’s New Home” by Tom Bradbury of Cape Porpoise.

At the time we were renting our gallery space from Ron Goyette, an oil painter of the sea. He and Tom were working on this book when they realized Ron had not put a cat in any of his paintings. He specialized in seascapes, ships and scenes and he was also more of a dog person! They knew how much I loved cats and so I was called in to draw Scraggly.

About the Author:

Tom Bradbury has always been interested in Maine history. Active in local historical societies, he has written

and edited many articles about Maine events and people....his historical research uncovered the true story of a

stowaway cat from Boston that found its new home in Cape Porpoise, Maine, many years ago.

This delightful book is based on that actual true life story.

The oil paintings on the cover and inside the book were created by Ron Goyette. I created all of the ink drawings in the book and the Scraggly color portrait that appeared on the covers.

My brother was the model for “Captain Nunan”.
The faces of my husband and relatives were used for the crew. It was a project dear to my heart for I love cats, the sea and Cape Porpoise.

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