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Snail Shells V
Clam Shells & Barnacles H

I  am a beachcomber and love

to find and collect the treasures

that the sea leaves behind.

Maine Memories the art & photographs of Nancy Cooper Funk
Gift Gallery ~ photographs of shells
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Sunlit Sand Dollar H
Clam Shell & Pocket Shell H
Angel Wings H


My 5x7 photographs are available in

an 8x10 mat: $24.

To order you can e-mail or phone or write

with the descriptive title of what you wish to purchase.


They will have an additional charge of postage

and 5.5% sales tax for Maine residents added to the final amount.

Once I receive your order I can advise about total.

Contact me with any questions you may have.



checks or money orders are accepted in US Dollars

made out to:

Nancy Cooper Funk

PO Box 1866   Kennebunkport  ME 04046   USA

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