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Custom house portraits are meaningful gifts for your family, a friend or for yourself.

Whether it’s a summer cottage, a new home, an old family home, a bed & breakfast Inn, a wedding ceremony or reception location, a shop or a favorite place, a commissioned house or building portrait can capture the character of each place to become a lasting memory to be cherished for generations.

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I work from photographs of your home

With fine pens & watercolors and working from your photos, I try to capture the feeling of each house by focusing on the subtle details that make each house unique.

Most helpful are photos that clearly show the
details of the house and the angle etc.

Please include several photos (if possible).
They will be returned.  You can also e-mail
the photos to me.

Specify which angle you prefer and any details to

be included and background.

rough sketch

Once the photos are received and you have decided
on a size, I will make a rough sketch for you approval.
Yo can indicate whether or not that is what you had
in mind.
I usually send the rough sketch as an e-mail attachment.
We can discuss any changes or details
via e-mail or whatever form of communication is
convenient for you.
Then I will continue with my fine pens and watercolors
to capture the feeling of the house or special place.

Let me know what to include in the background.

It can be simple or perhaps there is something

important to you to be included.

mats & frames

Each painting is matted in a white mat.

Frames are wood and may vary in shades  so please check with me to see what is available at any given time.
I usually have frames available in sizes 5x7, 8x10 & 11x14.

I would be happy to discuss what would be best for you!


If you have any questions or would like more info
I’d love to hear from you....

Nancy Cooper Funk
PO Box 1866
Kennebunkport ME 04046 USA

telephone:  207 967-2568

payment & shipping

These are some popular sizes for a basic portrait with a simple background

Payment can be made by check or money order in US Dollars
made payable to:

Nancy Cooper Funk
PO Box 1866
Kennebunkport ME 04046

Maine residents please add 5.5% sales tax
shipping cost will be added separately.

Commissions ~ houses and special places
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How to Order

If you would like to send photos either e-mail them or send snail mail to:

price schedule for basic house portrait

An intricate house and or background may require an additional charge

that we can discuss.

rough pencil sketch for your approval

finished portrait with ink & watercolors

photos of house to be painted

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