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The Gallery ~ Studio History
Cooper Funk Gallery Begins 1980
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Rte.9 ~Lower Village ~ Kennebunk
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In 1980 we rented and renovated an

old barn belonging to Ron Goyette,

an oil painter in the Kennebunkport

area and we turned it into a gallery

(The Cooper Funk Gallery) to display

our work.

David displayed his bas-relief carvings, carved cutting boards and carved signs and I displayed a large selection of my ink & watercolor originals, prints & other painted things.

The gallery provided a wonderful way to meet people from all over the country and the world.

Many returned year after year and became good friends.

You can see the barn owl that David carved over the entrance and he planted the beautiful perennial gardens

in front along the path.

It was a very special time but after 8 years things changed so we had to find another location.

Chase Hill ~ Lower Village ~ Kennebunk  1988-1991

Across the street and up a hill was the scrumptious Chase Hill Bakery run by our friends, Suzy and Bob.

We moved our gallery into the red barn they owned beside their bakery from 1988-1991.

David did some repairs on it and put in windows in the front so it could become the 2nd home for our gallery.

He built a unique trellis with seats that also had flower boxes in it so morning glory vines could grow up it. He planted a beautiful garden along the front of the barn creating a very warm and welcoming entrance. We enjoyed being sample tasters  that come along with being next to a bakery.

121 Ocean Avenue ~ Kennebunkport  1992-1993

Things changed and once again we found ourselves moving down Ocean Ave. in Kennebunkport across from Port Lobster and Mabel’s Lobster Claw.

We rented a little space in a quaint old house with an Antique Shop.

Above our gallery was an apartment where our landlords lived with their new kitten, Ellie May. It wasn’t long before we met her and she often took naps in our gallery.  Little did we know then that years later she would move into our next gallery and into our hearts forever!

This next move was right next door in the Schooner’s Inn building. It was the fanciest spot to rent that didn’t require any renovations. The proprietors, Ray & Diane and their family and pets made us feel like family.

In 1996 David created this website:


From then on Cooper Funk Gallery was also known as Maine Memories.

Maine Memories at the Schooner’s Inn 127 Ocean Avenue ~ Kennebunkport  1994-2002

Meanwhile, Ellie May, the neighbor’s cat had 2 litters of kittens (10 kittens altogether) during the spring and summer of 1994 and we adopted one of her kittens, naming her Polly.  Ellie May and her son Walter roamed and explored the seaside neighborhood, visiting all of the shops, restaurants, grand hotels and beaches, having many adventures and meeting many tourists.

In 1998 Ellie May actually moved into our gallery and became the shop cat. She greeted customers, helped with the sales, became familiar with David’s computer and had a fan club of dogs and people strolling by her door and window on the world and stopping to greet her.

Back Home ~ The Studio 2002 until now

This time the winter of 2002 sent us back to our own studio.

After meeting our house cats, Ellie May decided she wanted her own place

and so she lived in the studio until 2012. We lost her at the age of 19 and she will always live in my heart.

She worked with me every day in the studio and I miss her dearly.

Her spirit is everywhere.

The garden, birds & critters along with the sea inspire me everyday!

photos, art & text©Nancy Cooper Funk